Painting and sculpture by contemporary artists.

Anquin’s art gallery opened its doors in 1973, in Reus. Over 48 years, the gallery has presented exhibitions by a wide selection of national and international contemporary and 20th century artists, and is one of the reference galleries established outside of Barcelona.

Pepita Giner was the gallery director from 1973 to 1992. During these years she established the Salón de Mayo, an annual collective exhibition that brought together generations of artists, critics, collectors and relevant people within the world of culture in a large art festival. In addition, she also carried out the important task of promoting and discovering young artists through the Concursos Bienales de Pintura Joven (Biennale for young painters) that the gallery began in 1981. Throughout these years the gallery encouraged collecting through the fondo de arte Caja of art, (art fund,) an innovative form that allowed a wide public audience to access the world of art.

In 1992 the gallery began a new phase under the direction of Pepa Quinteiro, who gave continuity to the salones de Mayo, the Young Painting contests and the art fund. Gradually, from 1992 to 2012, Anquin’s gallery began incorporating new artists and opening its markets through the internet and through participation in prestigious international fairs such as St’art in Strasbourg (France), Art Karlsruhe and Arte Fair Cologne (Germany ) and Artbodensee (Austria).

The Anquin’s gallery has always been linked to its city and its territory. In its spaces, numerous cultural activities have been developed in addition to the usual exhibitions: book presentations, musical performances, performances, cinema, guided tours, workshops for children, etc. The gallery has also collaborated with the award-winning Clos Galena winery in the project that unites art and wine. In 2002 it opened the Artloft space in Reus, where an alternative program was held with the presentation of established and emerging contemporary artists.

At the end of 2002 Anquin’s gallery and the Artloft space merged. Anquin’s gallery moved to the space on Calle Campoamor, 2, with the intention of focusing its programming on contemporary art and increasing the promotion of its artists in the international arena through its presence at fairs, and collaboration with European galleries , as well as expanding its scope of activity through the internet with the launch of a new website that incorporates e-commerce and social networks. Currently, the gallery also offers consulting services, art appraisal and personalized commissions for corporate and private gifts.

Anquin’s gallery belongs to the Guild of Art Galleries, Catalonia. Its director, Pepa Quinteiro is a member of the Board of Directors (she was a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years). With more than 40 years of experience in the art world, Anquin’s gallery looks to the future with new international projects, with the aim of continuing its strong beliefs in quality and professionalism.

Director: Pepa Quintero Giner
Address: Campoamor, 2 – 43202 Reus
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11:00 – 13:30 & 17:00 – 20:00, Saturdays 11:00 – 13:30, Afternoons by appointment only.
Telephone: +34 666 674 996
Adreça web:



Works on paper


Marta Fàbregas
Beatrice Bizot
Alejandra Caballero
Carlos Díaz
Jesús Curià
Monica Castanys
Coia Ibañez Ferrater
Didier Lourenço
Marta Lafuente
Eva Llorens
Joanpere Massana
Carlos Morago
Àlex Prunés
Alejandro Quincoces
Teresa Riba
Miquel Wert
Benjamín Torcal
Albert Alís
Bea Sarrias
Frank Jensen
David Casals
Fernando Alday
Aurembiaix Sabaté
Isabel Saludes
Jaime De Córdoba
Jordi Pinto
Jordi Sàbat
Josep Moscardó
Kubach & Kropp
Lluc Queralt
Lluís Puiggròs
Maria Perelló
Marta Duran

Modest Almirall
Mónica Subidé
Núria Guinovart
Oriol Texidor
Oliver Roura
Ramon Cornadó
Tatiana Blanqué
Pere Sala
Rui Gomes
Victor Pedra

Antoni Clavé
Modest Cuixart
Jean Baptiste Chereau
Max Ernst
Joan Ponç
Pablo Picasso
Antoni Tàpies
Ramon Aguilar Moré
Joan Capella
Francesc Casademont “Le Vieux”
Magda Folch
Martínez Lozano
Núria Llimona
Paul-cesar Helleu
Benjamin Palencia
Josep Sala
Emília Castañeda