Galeria Mar – Grup Escolà

Figurative art.

Francesc Escolà, president of Grup d’Art Escolà, began his arts related activities at the end of 1976 with the opening of Galería Terra Ferma, in Lleida. A few years later he moved to Tarragona and opened Galería Arimany. Then came the great leap to Barcelona with la Galería Mar, converted by its own merits into the undisputed flagship of the group. At the same time, the children of Francesc and Maria joined the team, and now they are the children of the children … a whole family line forming Grup d’Art Escolà. A group immersed in the world of art, formed by a family, several professional advisors, one hundred and fifty artists and more than two thousand escolà art background partners who have been relying for many years on the Escolà group, and who widened the knowledge and presence of Grup d’Art escolà in the art market day by day.. Grup d’Art Escolà set an ambitious goal: to expand the group on an international level and to publicise the works of their artists around the world using all available tools and means.

Grup d’Art Escolà offers its partners and the general public, a wide range of carefully selected, original and graphic art work. We promote the work of our artists internationally through new technologies and the la Revista Internacional, a quarterly magazine, for sector professionals. We manage an art fund that allows its partners to acquire the works under very advantageous financing conditions. Annually and previously at the beginning of each season, Grup d’Art Escolà releases the Anuari Grup d’Art Escolà for its partners, where the programme of the season can be found with a sample of the work and biography of each of the artists who participate.

At present, the Grup d’Art escolà program organises one hundred exhibitions per season in its halls.

Director: Julio Escolà Gaya
Address Barcelona: Pau Claris, 120, 08009 Barcelona
Address Lleida: Torres de Segre, 120, 25170 Lleida Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00 & 14:00 – 20:00 Telephone (Barcelona): (+34) 93 238 97 50
Telephone (Lleida): (+34) 97 327 25 88



Works on paper