Miquel Alzueta

European furniture of the 18th and 19th century and architects of the 20th century. Contemporary Art.

The Miquel Alzueta gallery is a space that unites contemporary art with 20th century architecture and design.

Located in Barcelona, in an old 500 m² factory in the center of the city, its spaces are a clear example of current art trends and great designers.


In constant renewal, today highly recognized international artists coexist with Spanish artists from various generations, from the classic to the young and emerging. Its list of artists, in continuous expansion, aims to be a reflection of the highest quality works that represent the different lines that make up the variety of 21st century art.

Miquel Alzueta gallery completes its exhibition offer with another space located in the Empordà town of Casavells.

Director: Miquel Alzueta
Address: Seneca, 9-11, 08006 Barcelona
Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00 & 16:00 – 20:00
Telephone: (+34) 93 238 97 50
Email: info@alzuetagallery.com
Website: alzuetagallery.com



Works on paper


Jordi Alcaraz
Barbara Alegre
Hugo Alonso
Aythamy Armas
Manolo Ballesteros
Vari Caramés
Max Cobalto
Antonia Ferrer
Bertrand Fournier
Ivan Franco
Antonio Gonzalez
Carlota Guerrero
Fred Guillaud
Matthew Hawtin
Charles Husser
Mirco Marchelli
Nuria Maria
Laurent “Lo” Martin
Lídia Masllorens
Miguel Ángel Molina
Miquel Mont
Guillem Nadal
Jorge Nava
Bruno Ollé
Edgar Plans
Maru Quiñonero
Jaume Roig
Isabel Servera
Teo Soriano
Struan Teague
Guim Tió Zarraluki
Andrea Torres Balaguer
Claudia Valsells
Maria Yelletisch
Richard Zinon

Frederic Anderson
Nobuyoshi Araki
Beñat Olaberria
Sabine Finkenauer
Alex Katz
Imi Knoebel
Nuria Mora
Sergio Mora
Guillermo Pfaff
James Rielly
Álvaro Sánchez Montañés
Richard Serra
Kim Simonsson
Xevi Solà Serra
Stan Van Steendam