Contemporary art by national and international artists, emerging and established.

We are a team that has two ways of seeing art, but with the same objective. Fina Olivart Hill, the gallery director, is an artist. She knows all the inside challenges, everything that is needed and everything that is missing to be able to exhibit quality work in a gallery.

On the other hand, Marc Sancho, an independent consultant, is an expert in the art market in both primary and secondary, who understands the needs and concerns of the collector.

Together they seek to accommodate the most diverse forms of expression within a committed and calm profile. Bringing quality art to the public, but with sustainable economic values.

We like the work of emerging artists, but we also don’t want to forget the artists who have brought us here.

For this reason, we play with a combination of young talents, with special attention to those foreigners who live and work in Barcelona and a representation of highly experienced artists, mostly Spanish.

Director: Fina Olivart
Address: Banys Vells, 6, tri, 08003 Barcelona
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 13:30 – 20:00, Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
Telephone: (+34) 93 328 51 34 (+34) 696 22 65 92
Email: info@olivartartgallery.com
Website: olivartartgallery.com



Works on paper
Graphic work


Allison Brown
Ana Llímos
Daniel Meakin
Diego Caceres
Eddy V. Murangwa
Rita Sala
Toni Molins
Yves Murangwa
Alfredo Palmero
David Serra
Fina Olivart-Hill
Jaume Muelas
Jordi R. Salart
Juanjosé Fernández

Katia Muñoz
Koichi Sugihara
Manuel Ros
Marta Marugán
Martí Sala
Norma Ponce
Omar Berrada
Paul Davies
Toni Moranta