Sala Dalmau

Historical avant-garde and new figuration.

Sala Dalmau is an art gallery in Barcelona that unites modern and contemporary art. Located in one of the main gallery areas of the city, it was founded in 1979 by Francesc Draper and his daughter, Mariana. The name of the gallery is a tribute to Josep Dalmau, one of the great art dealers of Barcelona in the early 20th century.

International and Spanish artists from various generations coexist in its space. Through its artists you can appreciate the different artistic currents of the twentieth century, from the historical avant-garde and the constructivism of Torres García to a selection of contemporary painters. The gallery’s proposals are constantly evolving and are the result of the permanent search for new values, both emerging and consolidated. The gallery has received two ACCA awards (Associació Catalana Crítica d ’Art) in 1999 and 2005. In 2017, the gallery director Mariana Draper, was awarded the GAC Honor Award in recognition of her career in galleries.

Sala Dalmau periodically collaborates with museums and art foundations in traveling exhibitions linked to the avant-garde (MICO, MNCARS, IVAM, CAAM, MNAC, Museo Picasso Barcelona …) Additionally, it presents exhibitions of its artists in different national and international galleries.

Director: Mariana Draper
Address: Consell de Cent, 349, 08007 Barcelona
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.30 – 14:00 & 16.30 – 20:00
Telephone: (+34) 93 215 45 92



Works on paper
Graphic work


Jose Luis Zumeta
Manuel Angeles ortiz
Juan de Andrés
Alceu Ribeiro
Jacint Salvadó
Joaquín Torres-Garcia
Miguel Villarino
José Luis Aguiló
Jorge Gay
Jordi Amagat
Miguel Peña
José Gurvich
Javier Lapuente
Le Corbusier
Virginia Lasheras
Josep Maria Garcia-Llort
José Leguey

Manolo Belzunce
Víctor Pedra
Hernando Viñes
Pablo Bruera
Joan Capella
Juan Alcalde
Eugenio Granell
Francisco Bores
Augusto Torres
Josep Granyer
Javier Vilató
Jan Van Eden
Mauricio Sbarbaro
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Cristina Escape