Villa del Arte Galleries

Painting, photography and sculpture by local and foreign artists.

Bert van Zetten and Marcel and Jutta Huisman founded Villa del Arte Galleries in Barcelona in 1999. Their commitment and passion for art, together with a unique approach and willingness to showcase emerging artists alongside established artists, has resulted in an exceptional collection of constantly evolving contemporary art.

Villa del Arte represents more than 30 artists, both national and international, exhibited in three emblematic galleries in Barcelona and Amsterdam. In addition to organizing individual and group exhibitions, Villa del Arte also collaborates with other cultural institutions and museums, and regularly participates in renowned international art fairs.

Directors: Bert van Zetten, Jutta & Marcel Huisman
Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 26, 08007 Barcelona ·  Palla, 10, 08002 Barcelona · Tapineria, 39, 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Passeig de Gràcia: Monday to Sunday 10:00h a 23:00h                          Palla & Tapineria: Montday to Sunday 11:00h a 20:00h
Telephone: Passeig de Gràcia: (+34) 937 006 224 · Palla: (+34) 93 700 62 24. Tapineria: (+34) 93 268 06 73



Works on paper
Graphic work


Martí Bofarull
Francisca Ahlers
Fernando Alday
Miquel Aparici
Gil Bruvel
Lluís Cera
Julian Ceron
Maria Paola Coda
Chelsea Davine
Samuel Dejong
Jordi Díez
Jon Errazu
Marc Harrold
Angel Hernandez
Hiroomi Ito
Mari Ito
Nemo Jantzen
Edo Kaaij
Victoria Kovalenchikova
Christiaan Lieverse
Jean Luc
Noemi Martín

Yvonne Michiels
Ron Mills-Pinyas
Scott Naismith
Françoise Nielly
Julio Nieto
Danny O’Connor
Joan Peris
Alea Pinar du Pre
Josep Plandiura
Jaume Plensa
Rosendo Porro Cuesta
Gavin Rain
Jean-François Rauzier
Juvenal Ravelo
Ekaterina Smirnova
Tomàs Sunyol
Michael James Talbot
Joan Tarragó
Lukas Ulmi
Montse Valdés
Willem van Weeghel
Nick Veasey
Ramón Vinyes