With a woman’s voice

15 March — 4 May, 2024

Anquins gallery presents its next exhibition with sculptures by Béatrice Bizot and Teresa Riba, intervening photographs by Marta Fàbregas, and paintings by Tatiana Blanqué, Núria Guinovart, Coia Ibáñez Ferrater, Jordina Orbañanos, Francesca Poza and Aurembiaix Sabaté. Nine artists who through their works talk about what moves them, think or feel.

As Montse Frisach points out in the exhibition catalogue, “women have always seen how their art was not treated in the same way. With a woman’s voice, it shows that there are no major or minor genres, techniques or materials, that women speak without prejudice about the issues that directly affect them or that there is still, unfortunately, a lot of women’s memory to recover because otherwise it would be impossible to move forward with dignity.”

The exhibition is full of colors, shapes, references and diverse realities. Cheerful works, reflective works, moving or static. Paintings, sculptures and photographs created by artists who share a common ingredient: to make themselves visible and show their work.

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Dates: March 15 – May 4, 2024
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