Barcelona Abstracta

23 November — 30 December, 2023

The exhibition “Barcelona Abstracta” brings together two prominent artists Catherine Parra and Alberto Ruiz Villar, emerging artists in the abstract field based in Barcelona. This exhibition aims to showcase the creative flourishing and attraction that Barcelona exerts on artists exploring the language of abstraction.

Barcelona Abstracta will be held at Galería Matiz during “La Setmana de l’Art a Catalunya”. The exhibition aims to provide a complete and enriching experience for lovers of abstract art.

In this exhibition, Ruiz Villar captivates with his singular work, which stands as a crossroads of maps, strata and scars, manifesting three states that are recognisable in his plastic trajectory.

We are also privileged to have the presence of the artist Catherine Parra. Her style, located at the crossroads between lyrical abstraction, art brut and expressionism, draws inspiration from the Mediterranean art of figures such as Miró and Le Corbusier, as well as from the design and vibrant colours of the 60s and 70s.

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Dates: November 23 – December 30, 2023
Where: Sant Pere Mes Alt 48 L-1. 08003 Barcelona
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