Biography of a chair, by Oiko design office

7 October 2021 — 14 January 2022

Exhibition at the Il·lacions Design Gallery of a collection of 27 chairs made of recycled plastic converted into unique pieces. Online auction of the objects on the Catawiki platform.

An unidentified mould found in a factory is this project’s inflexion point: Who are we? Where do we come from? The material and the industrial process define this object.

At Oiko, they elucidate recycled plastic as a material with its own meaning, in a language that speaks to the domestic environment and its aesthetic code. After completing a research project on the properties of waste and industrial processes, they establish a humanised procedure that connects the designer and operator of the piece, evoking the Arts and Crafts of William Morris.

If plastic is the industrial and synthetic material par excellence, with replicability and indifferentiality as its base, design may decouple the idea of homogenisation. The material with its properties, the industrial process with its conditionalities, and the person with their intention, govern the process, expressing themselves creatively, emotionally and physically.

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Dates: October 7, 2021 – January 14, 2022
Where: La Rambla, 130 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Only by appointment
Telephone: (+34) 669 918 023
eMail: info@illiacions.com
Web: illiacions.com