16 November — 17 December, 2022

Joan Miró and Alexander Calder

They met in Paris, where they both had studios, in 1928, and a close friendship arose between them based on mutual admiration. They shared artistic principles, such as the use of pure colors and abstract shapes.

In 1937, the Spanish republican government commissioned them to create several works for the Spanish Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Paris, where they were exhibited alongside Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, and they held their first joint exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts ( Hawaii). Their synergy was so evident that Calder’s mobiles were described in 1936 by The New York Times as “living Miró abstractions”.

But the most surprising fact that illustrates the caliber of their reciprocal influence, of their “mystical communion” in the words of Miró’s grandson, are the Constellations, which they made simultaneously during the Second World War, when they had no way of communicating, and which they only confirm that they had the same creative sensibility, but that they thought and acted accordingly.

In 1971 Calder donated his Mercury Fountain to the Fundació Joan Miró, and a year later, Miró signed an illustrated poem for the catalog of a Calder exhibition in Palma de Mallorca.

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