Carlos Nadal. The joy of living

2 October — 30 November, 2023

Carlos Nadal (1917-1998) brightened the 20th century with his dazzling fauvist works. Living in distinct inspirational cities and exploring various corners of the world, his work is testament to the great knowledge he possessed in representing the unique essence of each space.

This exhibition, titled “Carlos Nadal. The joy of living”, is a retrospective showcasing the main themes that characterize the artist’s work: interiors, piers, theaters and landscapes. These are displayed in the gallery with a skillful continuity of color and through lively brushstrokes that encourage us to further appreciate his paintings and life.

Even though Nadal wasn’t directly involved with the fauvist movement, it is evident that his work shares the same concepts as the joie de vivre. He conveys an optimistic vision through the vibrant colors that dominate the light of his canvas. However, these same colors, have the capacity to transport the illustrated spaces to a different universe. Instead of revealing the reality of the world, Nadal invites us to explore an alternate reality focused on the pleasures of life.

In this occasion, the gallery is transformed into a space filled with color, that reflects the artist’s unique perspectives, as well as his diverse journeys throughout the world.

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