Carmela Alvarado. “Fear: Burn!”

9 June — 10 July, 2022

While creating this body of work, I’ve coexisted with the fear I carry within, that so often haunts and crunches me. I listen to it, I squeeze it, I destroy it and I watch it burn in roaring colours that burst at top volume. With sudden strokes and pieces of emotions, I release and show my truth.

In these confusing and overwhelming times I have come to find a new way of expression. Without the constraint of beauty, without limiting myself. Screaming furiously.

Fear is always there. It must burn.

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Date: 9 June – 10 July, 2022
Where: Passatge del Crèdit, 4, 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12 h-14 h 15 h-20 h
Telephone: +34 93 238 97 50
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