Group show: Jean Marie Appriou, Tomás Saraceno i Aaron Young

16 September — 30 November, 2021

© Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2017

In this exhibition we are showing sculptural works by three young artists with a consolidated international carreer.

© Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2017

Appriou’s creatures are gestural, their craggy exteriors suggesting constant motion. Figures appear topographical, their shapes accentuated with finger-carved lines that almost resemble brushstrokes. Still, the curiosity of Appriou’s alchemical process, his relentless pursuit of studio-based experimentation, remains at the forefront. The sculptures are markedly darker, more roughly hewn. Rather than emerging polished and painted, brutal traces of their foundry beginnings remain solemnly intact; only the oil-slick iridescence and the burnishing of certain pieces is allowed to catch the light. The artist’s polyhedral constructions are related to his ongoing “Air-Port-City/Cloud City” project. This visionary project for a sustainable flying city includes works based on the morphology of soap bubbles, spider webs, cellular structures and astronomical diagrams and often made from a combination of readily available and highly specialized materials (iridescent foil, flexible solar panels, high-density polyethylene sheeting, polyester cords, but also plywood, mirrors, fishing line and aluminium).

Aaron Young is best known for performance art works like Greeting Card (2007), in which a team of motorcycle riders performed intricate choreography atop a plywood surface covered in seven layers of fluorescent paint and two coats of black acrylic. The resulting panels, referencing Jackson Pollock’s Action painting and Robert Rauschenberg’s 1951 Automobile Tire Print, combine the gestural marks of revealed paint, tire burns, and skid marks. Young’s sculptures, such as spray-painted boulders and battered iron barricades recast in gold-plated cast steel, are similarly interested in the figures and imagery of rebel and urban culture.

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Dates: 16 September – 30 November,  2021
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