12 January — 25 February, 2024

CONTRASTES, a Matiz Gallery exhibition featuring artist Jordi Artigas, seeks to provide a profound insight into the fascinating world of his artistic exploration.
Artist’s Vision:
In his quest for balance, Jordi Artigas presents a series that is paradoxically harmonious and disruptive. Each canvas becomes a platform for intentional contrasts, a dialogue between order and spontaneity. The artist’s chosen medium is a blend of coffee, glue, and water on canvases featuring persistent blank spaces or a natural linen background.
Artigas’s meticulous process involves intentional grooves and the unpredictable dance of water and coffee, resulting in unique backgrounds. After days of drying, the artist carefully observes each piece before introducing color. The composition, often balanced with two or three colors, occasionally ventures into the contrasting realms of earthy coffee textures juxtaposed with vibrant and fluorescent tones, creating a nuanced chromatic spectrum.
To disturb the serene balance, Artigas employs bold strokes, primarily in black, breaking defined volumes and infusing the works with an enigmatic yet shared language. Distinctive symbols and varied-sized color splatters are the final touches, introducing an additional layer of complexity.

Artistic Philosophy:
Artigas expresses that his work, essentially, does not seek to convey a specific message nor draw inspiration from anyone in particular. Rather, it thrives on the interaction between balance and disorder, matte and fluorescent hues, conveying both calmness and chaos. The artist invites the viewer to find their interpretation, fostering an exploration beyond predefined notions.
The essence of CONTRASTES lies in the inherent duality of Artigas’s creations: an orchestrated balance disrupted by spontaneity and intuition, a visual dance between order and chaos.

Artist’s Evolution:
Jordi Artigas’s artistic evolution stems from his constant search for new natural and earthy pigments. His current series of striking abstracts is characterized by a diverse palette including coffee, dyes, acrylic pigments, oil, and more. This amalgamation imparts a potent and almost sculptural quality to his work.
In this phase of his creative journey, Artigas’s paintings manifest conceptual and expressionist thoughts, where wild brushstrokes intermingle with intentional textures, symbols, and grooves. Despite the eclectic mix, his works emanate an unexpected serenity and balance.
The recent body of work exhibits clear echoes of artistic luminaries such as Tàpies, Pollock, Rothko, and others from informel and abstract expressionism. Thanks to his international exposure through renowned art fairs, Artigas’s works have found homes in private collections worldwide.

In Conclusion:
CONTRASTES promises an immersive journey into Jordi Artigas’s mind, where balance meets disruption, and each stroke tells a story of artistic evolution. The exhibition invites viewers to embrace complexity, appreciate harmonious disorder, and discover meaning in the interaction of contrasts.Exposición: CONTRASTES por Jordi Artigas.

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Dates: January 12 – February 25, 2024
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