Del Mediterrani al Segre

2 September — 14 October, 2023

With the title “Del Mediterrani al Segre” Enric Aguilar wants to give us several meanings to the present exhibition.

Enric wants, on the one hand, to bring to Lleida this pictorial experience and freedom that is the sea. On the other hand, he seeks the sense of intercommunication of water, that is to say, the process by which the water of the Mediterranean evaporates and ends up falling in the form of rain to the lands of Lleida, and then goes from the Segre to the Ebre and flows into the sea again. Through his work, he reflects on the forms of water, reflected in his paintings. In addition, the artist has a direct link with the river of Lleida, since he spends his summer in Les Gorgues del Segre (birthplace of the river), located at the foot of Puigmal de Llo in the French Cerdanya, where he has created some of the artworks he presents.

Enric is an expert in maritime landscapes, which he represents with his own language. He is an artist with an extensive career that has been consolidating, since 1998, with solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the country, as well as his works have been acquired by collectors from all over, such as Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Japan.

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Dates: September 2 – October 14, 2023
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