Dear Diary. Laura Vives

5—31 July, 2024

We could say that, since prehistoric times, humans have felt the need to leave a trace. If before, the first men would draw pictures in the caves relating their daily life, centuries later, for the first communion, it was customary to be given a diary where you would do exactly the same. Perhaps we would not speak of the animal that we had hunted, but we would write about the arguments in the classrooms or about our first loves. It may seem that diaries are initially children’s things, or even that they have gone out of fashion. But it is true that, nowadays, we humans insist on preserving our memories for the future: whether it’s posting pictures on Instagram, complaining on Twitter, chatting on Whatsapp, practicing signing in a notebook, making a graffiti… and some even vandalizing historical monuments, professing eternal love for their partner (never do that. Vandalizing, I mean).

It is clear, then, that people have the need to express themselves, enjoy the memories and let future generations know that we were here.
In my case, I do it with self-portraits. Maybe it’s not too far from those who take a selfie… or maybe it is.

My “Dear Diary” is divided into two parts: on the one hand, the photographs are very brightly colored, and with an aesthetic similar to the sixties (an era that I have not even lived through and that I can only imagine with the help of films and photographs from the family album). On the other, the images are mainly in black and white and are intervened with colored pens. Like when a child draws a mustache on a portrait.

In the first part, I explain stories of my life in the most exaggerated way possible. We could say that more than talking about real facts, they are based on them. I play a character as if an actress had to play myself, and I become a mixture of Barbie and Femme Fatale.

In the second part, there is no cheating whatsoever. The nudity couldn’t be more sincere and the stories are completely transparent. With the help of symbolism, doodles and elements that belong to pop culture, this story can be both mine and yours.

As I said at the beginning, humans have always wanted to leave a mark… and, as you can see, there are several ways to do it.

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