Fèlix Roca – Medieval pop

13 July — 13 August, 2023

One more drawing.

“Can the act of painting be defined without reference to a catastrophe that affects it? (…) Catastrophe is at the heart of painting.
Gilles Deleuze

What catastrophe crosses the work of this exhibition? If cynicism has taken control of our lives, the artistic proposal of Félix Roca Ganges is presented as a device of resistance. Faced with the absence of meaning and the hysterical laughter that accompanies it, Roca returns to dreamlike and childish landscapes where he finds the genesis of the conflict. It is by no means a callous ode to a recalcitrant infantilism that asserts itself in the lack of engagement in life, nor a pessimistic proposition rooted in the past. Roca’s painting takes up the failed promises of childhood.
His work reminds us that the knights, with their promises of grandeur, were already there, but in the form of a playmobil, that the epic was possible one day, if only in drawing. Roca offers us a game, but the game has always been the most serious thing you can do. In contrast, there is a lack of identity and faces that are paper bags, bringing us to the distressing lack of need of a middle class that can only laugh at itself. If Roca’s work is interesting, it is insofar as it makes it possible to think, on the one hand, of a lack of meaning endemic to our time and, on the other hand, of a reproposition of it in the pictorial apparatus. After all, the paint is the only thing that still matters.
Roca’s paintings attempt to reconstruct the genesis of a latent conflict, asking us: what happened? The anonymity of the infant, the anonymity of any adult, the paper bag or the seven differences, present a real cartography of the world of children from the mixture of typical elements of the game – the playmobils or the drawing itself – and vivid colors. With a fixed perspective, Roca depicts a dreamlike world devoid of movement, as if it were an investigation of still lifes that come back to challenge us. The mixed technique is opposed to a fixed perspective which invites us to concentrate on the detail and, when we look, we realize that the remains of the child’s world are only signs. The shot was taken to its maximum power. Roca warns us: there is nothing to interpret, it’s just one more drawing.

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