Harmony of Humanity – Okoye Emeka

20 January — 25 February, 2024

Okoye Emeka, a distinguished Nigerian artist born in 1997, embarked on his artistic journey during his formative years, finding solace in drawing and crafting caricatures amidst academic struggles. His profound connection with art evolved at the University of Uyo, shaping the foundation of his artistic expression.

Currently represented by OOA GALLERY in Sitges, Barcelona, and Mitochondria Gallery in Houston, Texas, Okoye Emeka emerged as a standout among emerging artists in 2023. His accolades include participation in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund exhibition alongside renowned artists, signaling his remarkable artistic evolution from exploring still lifes and landscapes to transformative inspirations from masters like Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent, and Anders Zorn.

Okoye’s masterful command of human expression is evident in the portraits presented by OOA GALLERY beginning 2024. His immersive approach, rooted in profound conversations with models, goes beyond technical proficiency, aiming to unveil the intimate essence and inner life of his subjects. These portraits, predominantly capturing young and middle-aged subjects, symbolize the boundless energy, ambition, and dreams inherent in youth while exploring themes of liberation from the past and embracing the present. Okoye’s paintings transcend mere representation, advocating for the fortification of emotional intelligence and empathy, and delve into his black identity, Nigeria’s history, and broader African narratives, echoing themes of colonialism and immigration. His work reflects a fusion of universal emotions and a deep connection to African heritage, making Okoye Emeka a distinctive voice in the contemporary art scene.

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Dates: January 20 – February 25, 2024
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