Horitzons i Espais comuns

14 June — 13 July, 2024

The great human development of the last decades has harmed the life of the planet, conditioning the climate, threatening the survival of a great number of species and altering the environment and altering the environment and our perception of it. And despite this apparent victory of human beings over the environment, we can be sure that humanity will one day become extinct, but we can also be sure that nature will survive and occupy the place we have taken from it.

Starting from this worrisome reality, this exhibition rethinks everyday landscapes from two different perspectives: Espais comuns shows us the eternal confrontation between the human being and the environment, while Horitzons dwells on the movement of a diffuse nature, which seems to blur every daybefore our eyes.

The result is a photographic collection where the natural is confused with the artificial, with images that explore the visual perception and reinterpret the everyday. This encourages us to reflect on the passing of time and the marks left by humans on the environment. Marks that, as a recent past, are evident in the work of David del Val, while Carles Figuerola’s landscapes are blurred to alert us of a disturbing, fragile and uncertain future.

Joaquín Arias

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Dates: June 14 – July 13, 2024
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