IX, ANIMAL INSTINCT OF Msubiràs by Bianna Creative Lab

7 October 2021 — 25 March 2022

Il·lacions presents the latest project in dynamic architecture from Msubiràs by Bianna Creative Lab in audio-visual format. “Enjoyment of an essentialist, pure and rational architecture, of a luminous and warm atmosphere, of a space connected with the outside, with nature, which makes every moment distinct. An idyllic place where you can watch the passing of hours, days… of time. But it’s cold today, and looking at it from the outside, it transmits fragility to me, it suggests protection, to take shelter, to hide… just as animals are doing in the forest at this very moment. Returning to their burrow. You want pleasant atmospheres, transparent, extroverted spaces, to connect with nature. But you also need to be protected, to be sheltered or just to be with yourself. Secluded. You want it all! At that moment I understood that architecture had to move. Animal instinct.” Msubiràs

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Dates: 7 October 2021 – 25 March 2022
Where: La Rambla, 130 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Only by appointment
Telephone: (+34) 669 918 023
eMail: info@illiacions.com
Web: illiacions.com