24 November 2023 — 7 January 2024

Shigeyoshi Koyama was born in Osaka (Japan) in 1940. Twenty-two years later he moved to Tokyo, and soon after began his career as a painter. In 1970 he made his first trip to Paris, where he spent six months; From there he moved to Cadaqués, a town where he stayed until the end of ’82. It was during this period that he made his first exhibition in his native country, specifically in Tokyo. Years later, he returns to Cadaqués where he settled, finally, in the year 86. He has been a painter closely linked to this Empordà town since he arrived.

Light, which is like the revealing hand of all that is visible, seems to have provoked the artist. This light is found in his works, painted -precisely- in southern and Mediterranean Europe, places that he seems to have chosen definitely.

Koyama, however, evidences his oriental tradition in his own conception of the pictorial space: the perspective is not considered from the Renaissance canons, but develops the theme from the resolution of the plans. Therefore, in his works we find a different way of presenting reality: not as the eye perceives it, but as interpreted by knowledge and sensitivity.

It works indistinctly the technique of oil and watercolor. His palette moves between blues and grays, but he does not forget the greens and reds, whites and oranges, which he chooses according to the time of day and the season. According to the art critic Francesc Galí, it is a chromatic fan that is useful to compose a painting -inseparable from the drawing- that gives rise to a combination, simple and wise, of spots (…) that stand out and differentiate the calligraphies (…) that complement the plastic descriptions that he argues.

Koyama is still what it was in its origins: a painter who, from specific referents, creates atmospheres, worlds, timeless universes, which he places in Cadaqués, but also in Barcelona, ​​Paris, La Mancha, Albarracín, Sicily. And it is this real and imaginary artist, oriental and western, figurative and abstract, the author of what some critics have called the Koyama style, which does not cease to be a refined and consistent way of perceiving the world.

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