La floració de les suculentes

14 January — 26 March, 2021

Fabián Cháirez is one of the most controversial visual artists in the Latin-American cultural scene. His works are known for their critical approach to topics such as the exploration of the masculine body from the perspective of gender performativity. The media focused on the young artist after the attacks and critiques that received his piece La Revolución in which Cháirez depicted Emiliano Zapata naked and wearing heels while riding a horse.

Through his paintings, Cháirez defies traditional and conservative perceptions of the masculine and gives new meanings to the symbols associated with the charro virility.

A través de les seves pintures, l’artista desafia les percepcions tradicionals i conservadores d’allò masculí i resignifica els símbols propis de la virilitat charra.

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Dates: 13 de gener – 26 de març de 2021
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