Manuel Ángeles Ortiz “Drawings”

20 January — 10 March, 2022

We begin 2022 with an exhibition dedicated to the work on paper by Manuel Angeles Ortiz, one of the most relevant members of the Spanish School of Paris. Sketches and drawings open a door that is often closed, in this case, the work on paper by Manuel Angeles Ortiz offers us his most intimate and personal side, where he does his first versions, he develops ideas and, many times, plants the seed of what will be his works on canvas with a total freedom. These are quick works, direct, gestural and brave. Little jewels in small formats. The series, so typical of the artist, have a strong presence in this exhibition: “Mujeres sentadas” (seated women), “Cabezas” (heads), “Cabezas múltiples”(multiple heads), “Homenaje a El Greco” (Homage to El Greco), “Sombras luminosas” (Illuminates shadows), “Misteriosa Alhambra” (mysterious Alhambra) or “Perfiles” (profiles) form the bulk of the show, where we have also included works from his years in exile in Argentina.

Lastly, another interesting group of works is the one formed by his drawings in homage to the poet Federico Garcia-Lorca, who was his closest friend, godfather of his daughter Isabel Clara and adventure partner in his youth. When the city council of Granada asked him to make an sculpture in memory of his friend, he welcomed the idea with enthusiasm and got fully involved with the project preparing a series of drawings with allegories to the city and Lorca’s poetry. Unfortunately, the project never was made, but we have the testimony of what Manuel Angeles Ortiz wanted to do.

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