Dissident Matter from Cris Noguer: Pine wood table and benches non-normative pine tree

28 February — 5 May, 2023

The precision tree felling carried out by Singular Wood association at Montnegre Woods to favor slow-growing and resilient species, led Cris Noguer to save one of these trees from becoming biomass. Here she began a research work and relationship with a non-homogenoeus, non-normative wood, dissident to the industrial aesthetics. The dialogue that she establishes with material questions the idea of quality and the need to create new definitions. isn’t it more interesting to consider wood as a living material in constant transformation, with fungi, for example, that stain it yellow, pink and blue or show the scars created by insects and other animals that have inhabited it?

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Dates: February 28 – May 5, 2023
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