Neither submissive nor devout

15 September — 18 November, 2021

The exhibition “Neither submissive nor devout” is the response with which the artist, María Eugenia Trujillo (Colombia 1953), charges against the historical submission that women have had towards men. Since its origin, since Eve succumbed to the apparently futile temptation of the serpent, biting the forbidden fruit, the Judeo-Christian imaginary has turned women into the incarnation of lust, temptation and sin. And it is precisely in this sense that M.E. Trujillo stands as a plastic metaphor at the service of a poetics of social, historical and religious theme that not only denounces and deepens the feelings of guilt that weigh on women, but at the same time vindicates their liberation and sexual pleasure.

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Dates: 15 September – 18 November, 2021
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