Partida interior

11 March — 17 April, 2021

Sergi Muñoz Lozano – 1994

Mixed paintings open to destruction as a door to a new construction, just like the cycle of life, dying-reborn. Faces created from fragments of other faces just as we are the result of a constant modification of each social role that we play in our most daily lives. Abstractions with different materials and emotions from scratch in each creation, always in an intuitive way, dialoguing with material supports as with everyday life. Endless exploration through any element that can be integrated as ART.

Partida Interior

A journey in the inside of the artist, into intuitive and instinctive faces and landscapes. Where there is imagination before thought, freedom can be born.

More Information

Date: 11th march – 17th april 2021
Where: Passatge del Crèdit, 4, 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12 h-14 h 15 h-20 h
Telephone: +34 93 238 97 50
Email: info@artevistas.eu
Website: artevistas.eu