Picasso and the Sant Cugat Tapestry

1 October — 30 December, 2023


A documentary exhibition that explains why Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the prominent genius of 20th-century art, created a tapestry in the year 1965 using the modern techniques of the Catalan School of Tapestry in Sant Cugat. The entire process of creating this work is documented in a research project directed by Josep Canals Gual, which is on display from October to December at the Canals Art Gallery.

The starting point is the relationship established by Miquel Samaranchs and the artist with the textile avant-garde center in 1965. The results of the research and the search for graphic documents related to “Picasso and the Sant Cugat tapestry” are presented.

Canals Art Gallery organizes an exhibition of Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s works during the months of October to December 2023, beginning with the tapestry “Nature mort sur le lamp,” measuring 136 x 159 cm, which is currently housed in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

The research work focuses on discovering why Picasso donated a work to be created in textile at Casa Aymat and why, in the same year, it was first exhibited to the public at the Gaspar Art Gallery in Barcelona. In those years, many activities were carried out verbally, including at the Picasso Museum, so there are no documents detailing the creation and donation of this work to the museum.

Three versions of “Nature mort sur le lamp” were produced in the same year, woven by the center’s director, Vicente Pascual, and Josep Royo. While they maintain a conservative foundation in terms of the technique of the Catalan School, they present new and groundbreaking textures. The fabric is denser than usual and stands out for its chromatic richness, contrasting with the dark background of the original work and the superimposed forms filled with color.

Picasso provided a linoleum engraving of “Nature mort sur le lamp,” which aesthetically belongs to his cubist production and resembles solutions he adopted in other still lifes from the forties and fifties, in order to create the textile work.

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Dates: October 1 – December 30, 2023
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