Rui Gomes. Paradoxes of time

26 January — 2 March, 2024

RUI GOMES (Portugal, 1973) opens the exhibition PARADOXES OF TIME with his recent artworks in Anquins gallery.
RUI GOMES was the winner of the 12th Young Painting Competition organized by Anquins in 2008 and since then, the artist has made several individual exhibitions at the gallery and is part of its regular artists.
Graduated in Fine Arts and specialized in painting, Rui Gomes brings us images to observe, make the imagination fly and boost the creativity of those who look at them.
As Ramon Sargatal explains in the text of the catalog edited for the exhibition:
“The fact is that the work of Rui Gomes is an invitation to talk about everything, to contemplate it in company; it is an exhortation to close the word-image-word circle of communication. He reads a story – whether it be the childhood fairytale, the shadowy thoughts of a mysterious Poe or the marvellous experiences of all the Alices around the world – and he reinterprets it with his paintbrushes and palette. Everything is illuminated! Rui Gomes doesn’t respond to anything but formulates new questions with a chromatism which at times acts as an implacable pair of scissors, a cutter of realities, and at others as the syrup that sweetens them. These are the glowing colours of his Bisbal d’Empordà; the melancholy tones of his native eastern Lusitania”

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