Silenci – Joel Ristol

8 April — 29 May, 2022

Trying to capture what is not normally seen, or, in many cases, not wanted to be seen, the works of Joel Ristol take us on a tour of places in our daily lives, spaces and scenes that do not have a canonical beauty or a few grandiloquent compositions. These are images of our current customs linked to a strong temporal dialogue, which perhaps could be defined as scenes of silence deafening, with a mystical aura, where it seems that for a moment the time, a portrait of that second before the scene collapses; but deep down we know that everything is going on and will continue to be the same because that’s what the play is about. Taking as a reference the writing “Das Unheimliche” by S. Freud, which can be translated as The “Sinister” or “The Strange” paintings have something similar, the artist tries to transmit peace with spaces and with light, the light of two quarters of an hour at noon, an hour that for the author has a special mysticism, but at the same time a small sensation of anxiety grows within us, this duality of works that reminds us that the time passes and that, like the ruins and desolate spaces through which we can pass fifty times and not see them, sometimes we don’t think about it, we don’t see it or we don’t want to see it and yet time passes.

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Dates: April 8 – May 29, 2022
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