Soupe by Elsa Yranzo

7—30 October, 2021

“Soupe” is a participatory installation that invites us to reflect on the importance of the invention of soup. Thanks to the design of this liquid, our brains, our intelligence, language, culture, society, cities, and more, were developed. Soup is one of the first gastronomic designs that entirely changed the way we relate, what we do and who we are. The history of humanity begins with soup!

Elsa Yranzo is a food designer with a studio in Barcelona. She designs, creates and curates sensorial and artistic experiences involving food for brands, companies and institutions. She also lectures at several universities across the country, sharing concepts related to food design and food art.

With this desire to discover, investigate and promote new links between food and people, Elsa began working with food as a creative material: She has worked with salt for Iberia Airlines and Madrid Design Week and with sugar for the Windows Art Circuit in Poblenou. Now she proposes to explain the importance and great historical value that broth and soup has had for humanity.

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Dates: 7 to 30 October , 2021
Where: La Rambla, 130 08002 Barcelona
Hours: Only by appointment
Telephone: (+34) 669 918 023
eMail: info@illiacions.com
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