“Theatre” by Miguel Peña

15 November — 30 December, 2023

We close 2023 with an exhibition by one of our contemporary artists, Miguel Peña, who has been linked to our gallery for more than 30 years and whose work has continued to evolve throughout this time.
Over the years, painting has gradually disappeared from his work, and collage, which at first was an anecdote that only occasionally appeared in his work in the form of pieces of cloth or paper incorporated into the painting, has become his main vehicle of expression. This collage maintains the disturbing air that his painting had, as well as a certain metaphysical air, but echoes of expressionism and surrealism have burst in with force, which he adapts in a personal way with a deep dose of irony.
At present, Miguel Peña’s work is based on a common scenario in which he plays with collage, presenting all kinds of scenarios. In the case of “Theatre” he has chosen two spaces: one has as its origin the magazine “Theatre arts”, about the American theatre of the 40s, which he found in Buenos Aires and which was used in his studio in Menorca, without his consent, to prop up some beams: with the remains he began this series. The other source of inspiration for this exhibition was a small painting by an amateur artist representing a small forest, which he imagines to be inhabited by characters who await the viewer’s gaze so that the interaction can bring them to life.

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Dates: November 15 – December 30, 2023
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