Transfer images. Horizons 2050

24 October — 25 November, 2023

Printmaking is a rich concept that presents a range of techniques developed over the centuries. These techniques, which range from traditional ones such as woodcut to contemporary ones such as digital printing, start from a common premise: the transfer of the artist’s vision through a form, which can be a metal plate, wood, stone or a roller, on a support, usually paper or canvas. The uniqueness of the work, in this process, is preserved through the destruction of the mold, thus guaranteeing its uniqueness within a collection. In addition, many of the artists then intervene on the transferred work, thus blurring and playing with the boundaries between categories.

The different graphic techniques, such as engraving, lithography and silkscreen printing, constitute an instrumental arsenal of great complexity for the engraving artist. This instrumental repertoire, thanks to its combinatory capacity, enables a vast terrain of artistic exploration. With the advent of photography and the evolution of photomechanical processes, such as photolithography and photoengraving, the creative scope has expanded even further. Today, in addition to these classical techniques, the use of digital technology and printing opens up new dimensions to creation.

Each creative medium requires an specific attitude and a unique way of thinking. The graphic work, with its processual characteristics, allows for a great deal of experimentation, which has served as a source of inspiration for other fields of the arts, such as painting and sculpture.

Thus, the exhibition includes graphic works made with different techniques, belonging to the following artists:

Sònia Alins, Frederic Amat, Eduard Arranz Bravo, Lita Cabellut, Eduardo Chillida, Josep Guinovart, Marta Fàbregas, Lídia Masllorens, Fèlix Moncassy, Lucio Muñoz, Perico Pastor, Jaume Pla, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Josep Maria Riera i Aragó, Philip Stanton, Antoni Tàpies, Antoni P. Vida

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