Taking off the rose-colored glasses

7 March — 8 April, 2023

Taking off the rose-colored glassesTaking off the rose-colored glasses.Taking off the rose-colored glassesTaking off the rose-colored glasses.

The sweet drink of romantic love, we have been drinking it sip by sip since childhood, and it is presented to us in various forms.

It is subtle how this message is inserted in the collective imagination. The great classics of cinema and culture in general offer us a wide repertoire of love stories based on inequality.
They present us with male characters full of personality and, on the other hand, female appearances are scarce and more concerned with capturing his desire than with developing their own.
At the same time, we women are educated to be helpful, good girls, to raise our voices little and to occupy little public space. Our bodies are also the object of indications from the moment we leave our mother’s womb, thus implying our unwillingness to make decisions about ourselves. This creates the ideal breeding ground for the aggressor to be singled out instead of the aggressor, thus suggesting that there is something wrong with the way in which the person who has been assaulted has acted.
Perhaps it is daring to blame this type of love as the exclusive cause of violence against women, however we can affirm the usefulness that some prince charming have found in taking advantage of trust to abuse or violence after putting their foot in the glass shoe.
Taking off the rose-colored glasses is a metaphorical gesture of looking at reality without disguises. It refers to the need to change the social discourse to improve detection, prevention and accompaniment in cases of abuse.
The tireless struggle of feminist movements and the victims themselves have contributed to make the invisible visible, in a society that still lacks effective tools to provide adequate shelter.
We have also seen how art and culture have played a fundamental role in giving women a voice, a clear and clear voice far from sensationalism, providing the collective with valuable information to improve this situation.
The different artists offer us a dialogue through their works, helping us to find this new vision, full of courage and generosity.

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