Vanesa Muñoz “No vine a ser paisaje”

4 November — 13 December, 2023

“No vine a ser Paisaje” (I did not come to be Landscape) is Vanesa Muñoz’s reflections on the role of the artist in the world. Asking questions about the banality of art and its uselessness: why or what sense does art production have? Investing in losses and suffering versus frustration? Muñoz expresses her concern through her artistic code, which is linked to astronomical and physical events as a mirror to represent herself, so that she expresses herself using the information and events that happen in the universe, instead of emotions.
This exhibition mainly consists of two types of works, on the one hand, three-dimensional murals or sculptures that condition the viewer’s viewing from a single point of view and, on the other, sculptures in which the key is the route around them, so that viewers discover several chromatic and formal points that complete the complexity of the form. Muñoz presents two series of recent murals such as the one called Afelios and Perihelio, which represents the concentration and deconcentration in the process of artistic creation through the celestial mechanics between the Earth and the Sun; or the series Superposiciones, which talks about one’s own identity using atomic theory. The relationship between identity and the phenomena of quantum physics permeate the rest of the sculptures with the unmistakable aesthetics that define Vanesa Muñoz’s work.

Since her first exhibition in 1997, Vanesa Muñoz (Madrid, 1979) has exhibited throughout the national territory and has been present at important contemporary art fairs. All her work is handmade and flees from technological advances and seeks technical excellence as the only way to project the forms that come from fractions of thought.

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Dates: November 4 – December 13, 2023
Address: Carrer del Vidre, 11, 43201 Reus, Tarragona
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 17:30 – 20:00, Saturdays 11:00 – 13:30
Telephone: +34 977 34 10 41
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