Veles i Vent

2 December 2022 — 21 January 2023

The Anquin’s Art gallery presents “Veles i vent”, a set of watercolors by Perico Pastor inspired by Ausiàs March’s poem “Veles e vents han mos dessigs cumplir”. As Perico Pastor points out, “I have let myself be carried away by Ausiàs March’s poem, and I have seen the skies appear on my papers, the horizons of sea and life, the frontal look at death, and love, and joy and the will to live”. Fully recovered from a heart attack and after a long hospital stay, Perico Pastor is in a new stage of life that has influenced his painting with strength. The sea is the main protagonist of the exhibition. A calm or stormy sea, where ships drift according to the intensity of the wind; seas and skies of changing colors that express moods and vital moments. The figure is also present with its characteristic black ink silhouettes that contrast against red and orange backgrounds, or in everyday attitudes and situations full of movement, thanks to its free and dynamic brushstroke. The sea and the elements are a metaphor for what I actually interpret as the main theme: life. Perico Pastor paints the watercolors on light oriental paper, which he later glues to the canvas, according to the technique called “marouflé”, which gives the works lightness while enhancing the colors. The viewer feels captivated by the rhythm of the stroke and the strength of the blue and green colors with counterpoints of yellow, orange or violet. The artist wants to bring art closer to the public and for this reason, the 20+5 formula will be applied, a 20% discount on the works in the exhibition and 5% of the sales will go to La Marató de Tv3, which in this edition is dedicated to cardiovascular diseases. The entire exhibition catalog can be downloaded from the gallery’s website

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Dates: December 2, 2022 – Gener 21, 2023
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